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Cape Air Waiting Area

Located off of NYS 37, just 2 miles east of Massena, Massena International Airport welcomes you with convenient drive-up access to our modern, comfortable terminal facilities, unlimited free parking steps away from the terminal, and North Country hospitality! 

Just imagine.  No shuttles, no line-ups, no stress, no worries!

Airport Parking

Free Parking!

Yes it’s true!  Parking at Massena International Airport is free!   Whether you're leaving your car for hours, days or weeks, you’ll benefit from our free parking policy.   Our parking lot is located directly adjacent to the terminal building only steps away – no shuttles, no charge, no stress!

Crossing the Border

Travelers from Ottawa, Eastern Ontario and Montreal may access Massena International Airport via convenient international bridge crossings located at Cornwall/Massena and Prescott/Ogdensburg.
Both locations require drive-through clearance by customs and immigration personnel in each direction.   Recently updated U.S. Customs facilities at both of these ports of entry ensure efficient clearances with minimum delays. 

Tips for Crossing the Border from Canada

Allow extra time to clear U.S. customs.   Although wait times at U.S. Customs in both Massena and Ogdensburg are among the shortest of all Canada-U.S. border crossings, unexpected delays may sometimes occur.  Plan extra time to ensure that any delays will not affect your travel plans.

Have authorized proof of identity.  Passports or an Enhanced Drivers License (EDL) are required as of June 1, 2009, for Canadian adults (19 years of age or older) entering the United States.  For more information on documentation requirements click here.   

Have birth certificates or passports for children and authorization documentation if you’re a parent traveling alone.  If you are a parent traveling with your children without the other parent, have a letter signed by the other parent authorizing travel outside of Canada.

Declare all items you are bringing for personal use or gifts. For guidance on duty free allowances see the Duty Exemption and Allowance section below.

Declare all fruits, vegetables, plants and plant products, animals, birds, eggs, meat and meat products.   Better safe than sorry, although many of these items may be brought to the U.S. for personal use, some may be restricted.

Duty Exemptions and Allowances for Canadians Traveling to the U.S.

U.S. Customs allows Canadian residents to bring duty free personal use items not intended for sale.  For more information on what may or may not be brought the to United States visit:

Tips for Citizens of Other Countries

Citizens of countries other than the U.S. or Canada must have a valid passport (and may also require a Visitor's Visa, depending on their country of origin). For additional information on requirements and procedures that may apply visit:

Bridge Conditions, Traffic and Wait Times

Information on traffic and wait times at the Massena/Cornwall and Ogdensburg/Prescott border crossings in either direction may obtained at the links below: